SGWE Productions Corporate Profile

Sgwe Productions Ltd. is a 100% aboriginal owned company based on the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alberta, Canada owned and managed by founder Robin L. Alexis. Our company produces various visual presentations, sound recordings along with video and editing packages. With the combined knowledge and experience our production staff has in native art, music and theatrical productions we are committed to providing you with creative and innovative expertise that brings native marketing to a higher level.

Utilizing cutting edge multimedia technology and native graphical art we portray stories, photographs, audio archives of interviews and images replicating vision's seen by our ancestors. It is important to us as native people to feature who we are 'an independent nation'.

With professional and courteous staff we believe we can handle and assist in developing every phase of your production idea or vision.

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Robin Alexis
Owner / Producer

Yvette Alexis
Administrator / Director

Eugene Alexis
Special Projects / Linguist

Dougie Rain
Dance Presentation

Veronica Hayward
Assistant Administrator

Claudette Pastion
Head of Finance / Bookkeeper