About Armin Alexis

Armin Alexis

ITAP was founded and established in October 2000. The company is wholly owned and operated by Aboriginal People.

The purpose of the company is to mobilize the employability and participation of Aboriginal People within the Canadian economy.

We specialize in engaging First Nations/Aboriginal People with Industry Partners and Government to collectively explore effective means of increasing aboriginal peoples participation within a variety of sectors in industry.

The ITAP team have over thirty years of experience in working with First Nations and Aboriginal People. We have assisted in setting Treaty Land Entitlements, building community facilities and programs that are conducive to Nation progress and wellbeing, have coordinated several conferences and forums that focus on capacity building/networking/partnerships and mentorship have assisted in establishing and developing aboriginal owned companies.

ITAP Products and Services: We have successfully developed five unique methods that Build First Nations/Aboriginal Capacity to engage in a process of marketing and mobilizing their people and resources. Our products and services include:

  1. ITAP Fusion - Online First Nation/Aboriginal People Human Resource Marketing Strategy
  2. Seminars for Aboriginal Focus Groups - to build capacity in networking and engage industry/government
  3. Project Management Services - Oil and Gas/Construction Sector and Mentorship for Business Development, including networking with Aboriginal People/Industry to facilitate Joint Venture Opportunities/Partnerships
  4. Training to Employment - facilitate stakeholder participation and custom design training to employment initiatives
  5. Quarterly Publication - highlighting best practices for Aboriginal People working with Industry and Government

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