About Rod Alexis - Former Chief

Rod Alexis

Rod was elected for two terms as Chief. Prior to stepping forward in his traditional position as the head of our Nation, he also served as a member of Council for 10 years. He served as the Director of Education for the Alexis Board of Education, Housing Director and is a journeyman in the Trade of Carpentry, and he was a certified instructor in Carpentry for Canada Manpower. He worked extensively off reserve in the areas of logging, pipeline and construction. He attended University of Alberta toward a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, with a major in Political Science and Sociology.

In hind sight, his path in life has made him an exceptional advocate for the employability of First Nations people. As a leader, he recognized the challenges that communities face to create employment for their people on and off reserve. His goal was to foster the talent and gifts that were natural to the people, and to move one step forward and instill hard work and persistence. As the lives of the people changed, he saw the importance of mentoring youth with realistic work ethics. He did not hesitate to meet with Industry and Government to explore collective solutions towards increasing the employability of Aboriginal People. He believes in the importance of a collective approach, dialogue and common understanding on the issue of high unemployment faced by our people.

His accomplishments include:

  • The construction of the Alexis Training Centre - to ensure that cost-effective training programs were delivered for his people. The facility is equipped to offer programs in the sciences and trades.
  • The establishment of the Alexis Group of Companies: a corporate division to enter into the business sector to create opportunities and resources for a sustainable economy. Established Northern Nakota Well Servicing, including negotiating MOU's with major companies such as Elk Valley Coal and Millar Western.
  • Obtained two awards of recognition for developing innovative strategies for working with industry by the Alberta Financial Officers Association, recommended for a National award.
  • Obtained a National Award for the establishment of the day treatment program on reserve for those afflicted by addiction issues. Developed a community based task force to address training and development.
  • Secured training initiatives and funding, and negotiated a single multi-year agreement for social development.
  • Established the Stoney Language Program, to ensure that the Alexis youth and children retain their language and cultural identity.
  • He hosted the South of 60 Conference for three consecutive years on the issue resource and economic development.
  • Experience in negotiating opportunities at the international level; in the area of determining and technology/telecommunications.
  • Organized an international retreat for 88 Chiefs in Croatia, organized a gathering of United Nations Peacekeepers, and has organized major conferences in a variety of focus groups.