About Robin Alexis - Owner/Manager/Producer

Robin L. Alexis

Robin has a number of years experience in the technical areas of audio visual media. His background consists of cultural music, native graphic media art and filming. He has a strong faith in native ancestry and understands, respects and believes that all native cultural values/beliefs and language must never be lost.

It was through various aboriginal media designs that Robin learned to evolve and develop a multi-media company that caters to aboriginal owned businesses, assisting in advertising/ showcasing customer products and services using the latest multi-media trends. He also caters to communities and treaty organizations in providing visual aids in advertising and marketing their programs/workforce, recording historical events captured using video and/or pictures and editing into a feature video production.

He believes he can help build the native economy using cutting edge graphic design and multi-media tools to change the way our communities venture forth in today's ever growing economy.

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