Round Dance Singing

Recorded at Alexis First Nation in Alberta, Canada, this albums features the fine Round Dance singing of Blackstone. Features the Logan Alexis Singers. Total Time: 41:35

This album we had the honor of being the featured artist with the World Renowned and World Champion Pow Wow Drum Group The Blackstone Singers.

Produced by
Steven Butler, Canyon Records 2004

Track Listing

  1. Stormin' (made by Terry Paskemin, 3:14)
  2. From The Œ90's (Arnold Alexis, 3:20)
  3. Honey (Eric "Granpa Bear" Bearhead, 4:00)
  4. Mad Zztz (Leo Paskemin, 3:50)
  5. The Moc (Richard Moccasin, 3:09)
  6. Last Minute (Terry Paskemin, 3:50)
  7. Young Runner (Leo Paskemin, 3:46)
  8. Just Like Old Times (Logan Alexis, 4:29)
  9. Aimz (Rocky Morin, 3:21)
  10. The "B" Squad (Terry Paskemin, 3:27)
  11. Mentor (Edward Runningaround, 5:10)