Round Dance Voume 1

Twelve original songs from Alexis, Alberta, by the Alexis family - Logan, Eugene, Kodi, Arnold, Robbie and Daphne plus John Scabbyrobe, Leon Aginas, Frank Hart and Craig Lewis.

At the time of this recording, CD's were not mainstream. Sunshine Records is planning to do a release onto CD in the future.

This is the only album the Late Logan Alexis is singing; along with Late Frank Hart. Also, John Scabbyrobe sings Ache Breaky Heart.

This is where it all started, Volume #1

Released 1992 by Sunshine Records
Engineered by Brandon Freisen

Track Listing

  1. Anthem
  2. Straight
  3. Niceemoss
  4. Ache breaky heart
  5. Classic straight
  6. Honor Song
  7. Dads 49er
  8. Early morning song
  9. Jail house Rock
  10. Memories