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Young Scouts
"Sing It Again"

All Star Cast of World Renowned Singing Groups

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LAS - Eugene Alexis (Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation)
Young Scout - Marcus LongJohn (Sask)
Little Boy-Arnold/Daphne Alexis (Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation)
Blackstone - Terry Paskimen (Sweetgrass)
Thundering Spirit - Rocky Morin (Enoch FN)
Mandaree - Sedric Baker (Newtown, N.D. U.S.A)
Poundmaker - Lyle Tootsey (Poundmaker)
Wildhorse - Brad Crain (Sask)
Flying Eagle - Allan Bonias (Sask)
Young Thunder - Evander Thunderchild (Sask)
The Boyz - Jason Dial (Utah)


Mens Singers: Arnold Alexis, Eugene Alexis, Robin Alexis, Leon Aginas, Dwayne Alexis, Terry Paskimin, Craig Lewis, Rocky Morin, Randy Marten, Edward Runningaround, Marcus Longjohn, Brad Crain, Allan Bonias, Devere Tsatoke, Lyle Tootoosis, Mister Baker, Jason Dial, Rylan Baker, Justin Sinclair-Paul, Evander Thunderchild, Leonard Cardinal


Ladies Singers: Daphne Alexis, Sharon Betty Hart, Jennifer Paul, Kimberly L. Lewis, Lori L. Alexis, Jade Brown, Kodie Big Plume, Skysong Alexis, Nostha Alexis, Kodaa Fawn Scabbyrobe, Wendy Singer, Farica Prince, Dakota Youngchief, Lisa Youngchief


SGWE Production Staff:


Producer: Rob Alexis
Production Assistant: Joe Kootenay
Engineer Assistant: Brandon Alexis
Grip & Camera Assistance: Nathan Alexis