Grandson Singing for you




Round Dance Album Voume 1

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Words from Mother "Melissa Potts'

Aba Washded

First of all we would like to thank the creator for all his wonderful blessings.  Secondly we would like to thank everyone for all the support you all have shown. Aaron is 11 years old raised on the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation.  Aaron is the eldest brother of 3 siblings, the first grandson born on both sides of the family. Aaron has always been interested in taking an active role in learning his culture. He has taken part in many cultural events in the community & the surrounding communities.  He is also a champion ‘junior boys traditional dancer’; he has danced since he started walking as a tiny tot.  Aaron was raised with a traditional background and taught at very young age to take part in learning the cultural ways of his people.  Through out his years learning how to sing and drum he has learned many songs passed down through generations from family & friends.


“ Mission Statement”
We believe that Aaron has the gift to help raise awareness and promote the importance of culture & its values. Through this he aspires to keep singing & drumming as his way of life.

“ You’ve always been there for me; now here I am singing for you”


Singers of Album:
Aaron Letendre
Father - Tyron Letendre
Mother - Mellissa Potts

Geandfather - Eugene Alexis
Grandfather - Robin L Alexis
Uncle - Dwyane Alexis
Uncle - Jeremy Alexis
Uncle - Heston Letendre