We are the James Gang Drummers from Grande Cache, Alberta. We were formed in the early years of 2000s by the late James Wanyandie. James’s goal was to have a drum group, make songs and some day make a CD. James’ suddening passing on April 2, 2011 left a big hole in our community. It was the James Gang drummers honour to make his dreams come true and continue to drum and continue in our cultural teachings and follow James’ way to teach the younger generations about the drum and the songs. We are a family group growing every year as the younger members get older. We want to thank you for supporting us.

Thanks to:
Rob and Eugene Alexis,
Tony from Maxim Power,
ADC and AWN,
and Carol for her blessing to do this for James.


Produced by Sgwe Productions Ltd
Live tracks recorded by Walter Lightning
Engineered and Remixed by Robin Alexis

Track Listing

1. We are the Aseniwuche Winewak        
2. Wanyandie straight            
3. Grandfather            
4. Dedication Speech Memorial song        
5. Goodbye my friend            
6. Logans tea song            
7. Chubby style            
8. I gotta feelin            
9. You got it hunnie baby            
10. Norman style            
11. Monolog Robert - Special song        
12. Crazy Horse Live