Ken Pooyak Drumming Hill Singers


Ken Pooyak and the Drumming Hill Singers

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 All singers sing in hounor of Kenny Pooyak World Renowned lead singer of Round dance songs.  Well known in Canada and the USA.  Drumming Hill lead singers in the recording are; Mikey Favel, Troy Tootoosis, Rocky Morinn, Mark Crokedneck, and Lion

el Ernest, The women backup singers are Kaylin Simaganis, Jasmin Armstrong, Kayla Bearsears-Tootoosis and Samantha Lachance.  All singing to help out a Role Model in Indian Country, Ken Pooyak


1) Intro Elder Harold Bear
2) From the ‘40’s - Ken Pooyak
3) Mikey - Old Song - B Favel, A Albert
4) Alexis Style - Mikey Favel
5) Indian Boy - Rocky Morin
6) Troy and Mark - Troy’s Song - Troy Tootoosis
7) Girl you know it’s true - Lee Tootoosis
8) Baby Girl - Cayden’s Song - Mikey Favel
9) Sam Kayla - I warned you not to - Ken Pooyak
10) Mikey’s Special - Mikey Favel
11) Round dancing the night away - Mikey Favel & Ken Pooyak
12) Lynal Ern

est - Cant get you out of my mind - Monster
13) Kaylin Jazzmin - Hey Good Lookin
14) Monolog - Ken Poyak
15) Poor Girl - Ken Pooyak