2014 release

KEN Pooyak: Tansi,First of all, I like would like to thank the Creator, for this opportunity in making of this CD. Also I would like to acknowledge the song makers and the ladies back-up singers. Hiy-Hiy

Mikey Favel; Tansi, today I would like to thank the Creator, for allowing us to make another rounddance CD. It’s a honor once again to record with the legend Ken Pooyak. Also, with all the talented singers from around the province. We would like to thank, the women back-up singers, for always having our backs on the rounddance trail. Special acknowledge to my bro Rob Alexis and SGWE Productions Hiy-Hiy.

John Berland;   I would like to thank the Creator, for giving me another day, also Mother Earth to walk amongst you all. I would like to thank Kenny for giving me the opportunity to record with his recording here today. Hope you all enjoy the music and the ability to sing. Hiy-Hiy.

Utin Machiskinic; First and foremost I’d like to thank the Creator, for giving us this beautiful way of life song and dance. Secondly to Ken Pooyak, and singers for the invite to be apart of this recording. Also to the drum for the songs and inspiration it gives daily. Much love and respect, to everyone who listens to the songs of this CD.

Morley Cooke; Thank you to Ken Pooyak & Drumming Hill for the opportunity to sing some songs ...all the singers..Mikey..John..Jerrod..Lynal..Utin.Rob Jermey.”Big” Kenny P..& to the lady back-up singers..

Jared Tootoosis; Thank you first of all, to the Creator. For the gift of singing, I would like to acknowledge Drumming Hill singers, and Mr Ken Pooyak. For inviting me to be a part of their second album. Also, for allowing me to share my songs on this album. Hiy-Hiy AKA Naps

Lynal Ernest; First of all id like to thank our Creator, My family and friends. For another great opportunity to record once again, with the Legend Kenny  Pooyak. Its an honor to sing with such good singers as well for the ladies who always back us up. Thank you once again. Hiy-Hiy

Cherish Weenie;   Good day, I would like to thank the Creator, for blessing us with this day and for many more to come. I would also like to thank Kenny, Mike, and the rest of the singers. Men and women for asking me to be apart of this recording. I wish all of health, happiness and warmth for the days to come. Hope you all enjoy the CD. Hiy-Hiy!

Kayla Bear/ Tootoosis; Tansi, I’d like to thank the Creator for bringing us together today. It’s an honor to be singing on the CD with the Legend Mr. Ken Pooyak and also the other gifted song makers and lady back up singers. Miyo Kishkansihk Kahkiyo, Nanaskohmaw Kohtawins Hiy-Hiy!

Mavis; Tansi, I am very thankful for today, and the Creator for being here. I love to acknowledge the drumming hill singers, and for inviting me here to sing with them. And having to sing with Ken Pooyak and the lady back up singers. Hiy-Hiy!

Kaylin Semaganis; Thank you for honor of singing a second time with you Mr. Ken Pooyak, Mikey Favel and of course my singing partner Jasmine Armstrong. Thank you for the ageing support from my mom Selene Semaganis and all my family and friends. Hiy-Hiy! See you all on the round dance trail, and keep up the beautiful harmonizing ladies! You are all beautiful and I enjoy singing with all of you!

Jasmine Fox; I’d like to acknowledge Mr. Ken Pooyak and all the drummers, as well as my parents and Kaylin Semaganis for their unfailing support in round dance singing. Hiy-Hiy!

Jasmine Weenie; Good day. Would like to take the time to thank the Creator for blessing us with this beautiful day. Also would like to give thanks to Kenny and the boys for giving me this opportunity to be apart of this recording. Hiy-Hiy!

Shanda Sapp;  i don’t really have a say.. i guess it was good over all.... glad to be singing with ppl i grew up and around with.... had fun singing with good honest ppl... and was an honor to be asked to sing behind  Ken and Mike.






Logan Alexis Singer 2014 New Release Blackstone Round Dance Singers with Logan Alexis Singers. Album Now Available.