We would like to give shout-outs to the following individuals and drum groups who have supported and inspired our singing: Blackstone, War Scout, Blacklodge, Bear Creek, Seekaskootch, Southern Express, Thundering Spirit, Northern Cree, Red Bull, Logan Alexis Singers, Youngbird, High Noon, Whitefish Jrs, Midnite Express, Blackfoot Confederacy, Wildhorse, Little Island Cree, Bullhorn, Big Bear, Southern Cree, Young Grey Horse, Mystic River, Cozad, Yellowhammer, Mountain Soul, Mountain Cree, Muskwachees NG, Muskwa Ridge, The Boyz, Crazy Bear, Indian Nation, Eyabay, Old Agency, Bear Hills, Mandaree, Stoney Creek, Bad Medicine, Bruce Littlechild, Fred Ike, Dion Paskemin, Toto StandingRock, Eldon Weasel Child, Doug Rain, Joanne Bird and Lillian Gadwa-Crier. We apologize if we forgot anyone!


Now we would like to give thanks to following people who have guided us along the way and helped us to make this recording possible: Norman Yellowbird, Joey Deschamps, Cecil Crier, Samson Cree Nation, Ermineskin Cree Nation, Paul First Nation, East Prairie Investment Corporation, Niwihcihaw Acceptance LTD , Cynthia Bearhead, Isaac Jeung, and Marcel Desjarlais. Without your help, this recording would not be possible. We are very grateful and thankful to you all.


Produced by Sgwe Productions Ltd
Live tracks recorded by Walter Lightning
Engineered and Remixed by Robin Alexis

Track Listing

  1. Pretty Bird - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  2. Kree Rok - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  3. 3 Perfect Days - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  4. Under Par - Nate Littlechild
  5. Wild Horses - Walter Lightning
  6. Toon Town - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  7. 7 From Heaven - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  8. Room Service - Courtesy of "Randy Paskemin" (LIVE)
  9. More Cowbell - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross
  10. Fireside - Courtesy of "Leo Paskemin" (LIVE)
  11. A.I.D.T. - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross (LIVE)
  12. Muck That - Adrian "Yo Yo" Cross (LIVE)
  13. Standing Rock - Courtesy of "Toto StandingRock" (LIVE)