Thundering Spirit Singers



Thundering Spirit


The Thundering Spirit Drum group was originally formed in 1997 and has since travelled extensively throughout Canada and parts of the United States singing at various celebrations and gatherings. Although most of the group's members live and work in the City of Edmonton, they have come together from different communities throughout Canada representing different tribes such as Ojibwe, Sioux, Saulteux, and Cree. They have proudly been representing the Enoch Cree Nation in their travels.


Thundering Spirit proudly promotes healthy lifestyles through the traditional teachings and they hope to bring about healing and positive change to the people through their singing and the power of the Drum.


Thundering Spirit Singers: Rocky Morin, Duane Linklater, Lonny Potts, Dalton Potts, Isaac Plante, Burton Plante, Cory Wells, Randy Marten, Damien Greene, Jay McKnight


Ladies Backup: Alicia Morin, Cece Thunder, Sharona Seymour, Eva Saddleback, Sonya Alexis