Dance Your Style

2006 Tour Included; Yakima, Washington, Fort Hall, Idaho, Crow Fair, Montana. Host Northern Drum down at the Sycuan Powwow in Southern California on September 8, 9 & 10th. We were then invited to Soboba powwow the following weekend, also in southern California.

Thundering Spirit Singers: Rocky Morin, Duane Linklater, Lonny Potts, Dalton Potts, Isaac Plante, Burton Plante, Cory Wells, Randy Marten, Damien Greene, Jay McKnight

Ladies Backup: Alicia Morin, Cece Thunder, Sharona Seymour, Eva Saddleback, Sonya Alexis

Executive Producer; Robin Alexis
Produced by Sgwe Productions 2006

Track Listing

  1. Cecil Monolog
  2. Dance your style
  3. Anishinabe
  4. Good vibez
  5. Get Crisp or Die Tryin
  6. Foothills
  7. Cecil monolog
  8. Beautifull Day
  9. Waniya
  10. Flow hop
  11. Sakaway
  12. The Hunt
  13. For Mina
  14. Cecil Monolog
  15. Home from Crow
  16. From the Centre
  17. Souther