Tribute To The Makers

Tribute To The Makers

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Dedicated to the infuecial 

song makers of the LAS Singers

This album is a compilation of 'songs' that seem to stand out us in our travels through out the Round Dance Trail year round. Some singers have past on to happy Hunting grounds in the Sky and some song makers are just starting out to prove that our society is just starting to blossom in the Round Dance country. In round dance country; Alberta Saskatchewan and northern United States, songs are being shared and sung until the we hours of the morning. Round dancers follow the trail show there support for the next up and coming weekend for a night of reminiscing, dancing and laughter. This album is small tribute to those song makers that have influenced us to continue in our journey through out round dance trail.

Singers: Eugene Alexis, Arnold Alexis, Robin L. Alexis, Leon Aginas, Neal Alexis, Dwayne Alexis, Josh Alexis, Sydney Potts, Terry Paskimin, Stan Cross, Dallas Waskahut

Ladies: Daphne Alexis, Skysong Alexis, Jennifer Paul